News and Notices Spring 2019

News and Notices Spring 2019

We’ve Moved

The Local Government Center’s new address is:

702 Langdon Street, Suite 111
Madison, WI  53706
Center email:

Website and telephone numbers remain the same (see below).

Choice of Two for 2019 Board of Review

This year’s Board of Review training offers two choices: 1) How to Conduct a Hearing, and 2) How to Conduct a First Meeting.

The training is in DVD format and includes a written examination which the videos reviews with answers. You need to view only one of the two videos for certification.

Over 840 Board of Review training DVDs have already been sold to Wisconsin municipalities. Ordering information is at

Freeburg named Distinguished Lecturer, Kim Moves to New Opportunity

Philip Freeburg joins Center Director, Chuck Law, at the rank of Distinguished Lecturer. In the photo Philip (on left) receives congratulations from Interim Dean & Director of Extension Karl Martin.

Yunji Kim, Local Government Budget and Finance Specialist will be leaving the Local Government Center for an assistant professor position at Seoul National University (Korea). Her teaching about local government budgets and her research on fiscal stress have been invaluable.

Busy Season for Distance Education

The Local Government Center wrapped up its three distance education series for the 2018-2019 season:  Local Government Issues, Challenges and Strategies; Local Land Use Planning and Zoning; and Local Government Essentials. As part of the “Essentials” series, a two-part webinar focused on Alcohol Beverage Regulation and Licensing continued to be one of our most popular programs with 127 officials attending both sessions. Recorded versions of the following sessions can be ordered on USB drives.

  • Local Government Regulation of Nonferrous Mining-Unearthing Your Options
  • Live, Work & Play is Dead: Innovative Ways to Attract, Retain & Engage Talent
  • Repurposing our Downtowns: Strategies that Work
  • Farm Economic Trends and their Effects on Farmers and Local Communities
  • Keeping Up with Changes in Wisconsin’s Planning and Zoning Enabling Laws
  • Complying with the New Housing Report Requirements
  • Regional Planning for Change in a Big Way: Foxconn
  • Planning for Autonomous and Connected Future: From Horseless to Driverless Carriage
  • Annual Land Use Case Law Update
  • Alcohol Beverage Regulation and Licensing-Part 1 and Part 2
  • Property Tax: The Good, The Bad, and The UglyRecorded programs are $35. To order, use the Register/Purchase link at the top of the Center’s website additional information on these and other Center programs, please visit our website at or call the Local Government Center at 608-262-9960. Download PDF Newsletter