Board of Review Training

Orders for the 2021 Board of Review Training are now closed. 

2022 Board of Review materials are expected to be available for purchase February 14, 2022.


Training You Need for 2021

The BOR is a panel of local officials whose job it is to hear property owners’ objections to their tax assessments. For 2021 Wisconsin Law requires that at least one member of the BOR obtain a Wisconsin Department of Revenue-approved training within two years of the BOR’s first two-hour meeting. It is recommended that all BOR members be trained, but the law requires only at least one member to do so. (Wis. Stats. §70.46(4) & 73.03(55).)The Department of Revenue requires taking the current program and will not certify attendance at training using materials or content dated before 2021. This is to ensure BOR members learn the best and most up-to-date information.

 2022 Changes to Board of Review Training Requirements

Legislation passed February 18, 2021, by the Wisconsin Legislature will require that the Board of Reviews have at least one member trained by DOR approved training each year. This law will take effect January 1, 2022, and does not affect 2021 Board of Review training requirements.

Find the Training You Need

The 2021 BOR video training provides instruction on How to Conduct a Board of Review Hearing. Each video order comes with informative materials, including the exam and affidavit that must be filed with the clerk to meet the certified training required by Wisconsin law.

Because each course contains updated and revised content, BOR videos or materials dated before 2021 may not be used to meet the 2021 Board of Review training requirement.

Course Description

How to Conduct Board of Review Hearing:
On taxpayer appeals, the Board of Review takes testimony and evidence and makes decisions similar to judges.  In this video course, you will see a hearing appealing the valuation of a tavern/residence.  You will see how to call a case, swear in witnesses, address member recusal requests, and tips on handling an “over-active witness”.  Overall, you learn how to conduct a fair and legal hearing and make a decision.

After viewing the video and completing the written materials, complete the affidavit from the materials. Complete the exam (answers will be given during the program) and attach the exam to the affidavit. Your affidavit and completed test will be filed with the municipal clerk. Next, have your municipal clerk file a PA-107 Board of Review Training Affidavit online with the Department of Revenue indicating that you have completed the training. Instructions for online filing are in the materials.