Board of Review Training

2022 Board of Review Training, First Two-Hour Meeting

The 2022 Board of Review First Meeting video is now available for purchase. We expect to have the 2022 Board of Review First Meeting video ready to ship on March 21, 2022. All orders received before March 20, 2022, will be fulfilled on March 21, 2022. Use the link below to make your purchase. Orders received will be fulfilled within 24 hours. Expect the US Post Office delivery to take 5 to 7 business days.

We will update this page accordingly if the schedule changes.

Click here to purchase the BOR First Meeting Training ($45, includes one handbook)

Click here to purchase an extra Handbook ($10). Note: It is not required to purchase an extra handbook, as one is already included with the purchase of a USB (above). This link is to be used if you need only an extra set of Handbook materials to facilitate training.

If you would like to order by check, use this form and mail it to the LGE office:

439 Extension Building
432 N. Lake Street
Madison, WI 53706

The Board of Review script is available for those who want to follow along while watching the video. If you would like a copy of the Board of Review script, please email Daniel Foth \,

Board of Review Training You Need for 2022

This year’s BOR video portrays a panel of local officials conducting a proper First Two Hour BOR Meeting.

Effective January 1, 2022, Wisconsin Law requires that at least one member of the BOR complete a Wisconsin Department of Revenue-(DOR) approved training each year. DOR recommends training all BOR members. However, the law only requires at least one member to be trained. (Wis. Stats. §70.46(4) & 73.03(55)).

There are multiple methods to receive the 2022 DOR-approved training.

  1. Purchase the 2022 BOR Video and Handbook to watch and review.
    1. To watch the video, use the Start.exe, found on the main page of the 2022 “BOR How to Conduct the BOR First Meeting” video on the USB drive.
    2. After watching the video for the 2022 BOR Training, take the exam, and provide the completed exam and the training affidavit to your clerk.
    3. Then, your municipal clerk will file a PA-107 Board of Review Training Affidavit online, with the Department of Revenue indicating that you have completed the training. Instructions for online filing are in the materials.
  1. Attend the DOR-approved In-Person 2022 BOR Training conducted by the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA) or the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA).
    1. To attend the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association, you can check the WMCA website for the training schedule
    2. The Wisconsin Towns Association is conducting 2022 BOR training at their District Meetings. You can check their website for the training schedule at:

The 2022 BOR Training Content

The DOR-approved 2022 BOR video teaches how to Conduct a Board of Review First Two Hour Hearing. In addition, each video order comes with the accompanying 2022 BOR Handbook with informative information, including the exam and affidavit to file with the clerk to meet the certified training required by Wisconsin law.

How to Conduct a Board of Review First Two Hour Meeting:

For the first meeting, the Board of Review conducts a simulated First Two Hour meeting that follows the First Two Hour Meeting Agenda contained in the 2022 BOR Handbook. This video course will demonstrate how to conduct a First Two Hour Meeting. This training includes scenarios about a property tax owner’s request for a waiver of hearing notice, a property tax owner’s request for Sworn Written Testimony, and a property tax owner’s request for a BOR Hearing Waiver to District Court.

Because each course contains updated and revised content only the 2022 materials BOR Video and Handbook may be used to qualify for the 2022 BOR training requirement. BOR videos or materials dated before 2022 may not be used to meet the 2022 Board of Review training requirement. Again, the DOR has approved the WMCA and WTA group training to meet the BOR 2022 training requirement.