Board of Review Training

2023 Board of Review Training Information

The 2023 Board of Review Training options are:

There are four Department of Revenue (DOR) approved training options for the 2023 Board of Review members.

  1. UW Madison-Extension, Local Government Education Program
    1. LGE will offer two videos, either of which can be used. This training will be available on or before April 1, 2023. The 2023 BOR Handbook accompanies the videos:
      1. How to conduct a Board of Review First Meeting + BOR Handbook
      1. How to conduct a Board of Review Hearing + BOR handbook

The videos and the 2023 Handbook are available for purchase as follows:

  • One video + Handbook = $25.00
  • Both videos + two handbooks = $40.00
  • Extra Handbook(s) = $10.00 each

On April 1, 2023, you can order the 2023 BOR training materials at the local government education program website at You have the option to pay by credit card or download the pay-by-check word document and mail it in. 

  • Wisconsin Towns Association
  • Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association
    • WMCA will offer 2023 BOR training. Please get in touch with WMCA for their training information. This is the link to the WMCA website for further information.
  • A training conducted by a Department of Revenue (DOR) approved trainer.
    • Please confirm that the DOR has approved the trainer.