CPM Colleague Groups (Cohorts)

The CPM Program provides the education and training needed to meet the unique demands and challenges of public management, strengthening administrative, technical, and interpersonal skills through a combination of classes, activities, and written applied projects. By participating in an 18-month Colleague Group cohort, you will form a learning community with other public sector professionals, engaging with an intensive broad-based management curriculum that hones your management and program delivery skills.

For additional information and an application for the next Colleague Group, see below. Questions? Contact Sunshine Jansen (sunshine.jansen@wisc.edu).

WHEN: 8:30 am – 3:15 pm the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, from November 9, 2021 to April 14, 2022 (classes do not meet June of 2022 or January of 2023, to allow for work on projects and case studies)

WHERE: Herzing University, 5218 E Terrace Dr, Madison, WI

WHY: You will gain leadership and management skills in a learning community with other dedicated public sector professionals, strengthening your administrative, technical, and interpersonal skills through classes, activities, and projects that benefit your agency and community.

FEE: $4,400.00 Payable in two installments


Descriptions and desired learning outcomes for all Colleague Group classes

Download a copy of the brochure 

Expectations of a Colleague Group participant

The program is organized into three phases: supervisory, management and executive.

  • Phase I– Supervisory
    • Management assessment
    • Write a supervisory paper
  • Phase II– Management
    • CPM classes- see class schedule for additional information
    • Complete pre-class assignments
    • Write post-class reflective essays and provide peer review to a classmate’s
  • Phase III– Executive
    • Write 3 papers, including an extensive applied project that benefits one’s agency
    • Plan and participate in a group project that benefits the larger community
    • Participate in development and presentation of case studies

CPM policies

How to apply

Complete the 2021-2023 Colleague Group Application (This is a fillable PDF, which sometimes doesn’t work in Firefox. If you’d prefer to fill it out online rather than printing it, please try again in a different browser.)

2021-2023 Colleague Group Schedule

Colleague Group flyer

Important Links/ Additional Information

CPM graduates’ applied projects

Class Projects

Handbook for Cohorts and their Agencies

Phase I Written Project guidelines


CPM Projects

CPM Certificate Overview