Creating a Culture of Civility and Respect in Public Management


Date Jan 25, 2022 08:30 AM – 03:15 PM
Location Virtual
Deadline 1/25/2022
Price $225.00
Download the Creating a Culture of Civility and Respect flyer

Does your organization do enough to include, encourage, and retain employees?  

Disrespectful and uncivil behavior is on the rise in the workplace, costing businesses millions in lost productivity, lower quality and employee turnover.  To address this growing problem, in this workshop we’ll examine the concept of civil and respectful behavior and some of the possible reasons behind the trend.  We’ll share strategies organizational leaders and teams can employ to build and maintain a culture of civil and respectful behavior, and to address disrespectful or inappropriate behavior when they see it. 

  • Describe civil, respectful and inclusive workplace environments and behaviors. 
  • List the costs of disrespectful and uncivil behavior in their workplace, and understand the benefits of a respectful, civil workplace culture. 
  • Explain the sources of uncivil or disrespectful behavior in the workplace in order to foster a culture of civility and respect. 
  • Identify opportunities to adapt personal behaviors to come across as more civil, respectful and inclusive. 
  • Take steps to change behaviors and establish and maintain cultures that are respectful, inclusive and productive. 

Instructor: Allison Cooley (MEd, Univ. of Minnesota) is founder and CEO of Effectability, LLC. Allison’s unique approach to leadership development, performance coaching and organization development builds key capabilities in leadership, communication, conflict management, and emotional intelligence that ultimately form positive cultures and create high performing teams.  


“Incivility can present itself in many different ways, some not as apparent as others. I learned to be more mindful of these in myself and how to take steps to correct these.” 

“Learned different techniques to respond to uncivil behavior by others. I now have a portfolio of behaviors and solutions that I can use instead of just one or two possible solutions.” 

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and had good, upbeat energy.”