EMS Model Agreement

Ensuring community residents have access to timely and high-quality emergency medical care is one of the most important governmental functions for local governments across Wisconsin. Wisconsin law requires local units of government to directly provide emergency medical services (EMS), or to contract with licensed EMS agencies to provide this service in their community.

The Local Government Education Program at U.W.-Madison Division of Extension teamed up with the U.W.-Madison Wisconsin Office for Rural Health to prepare a Model EMS Agreement (Agreement) for use by counties, cities, villages and towns across the state. This Agreement addresses key EMS contract negotiation issues and options.

A well written agreement negotiated between a local unit of government with an EMS service provider ensures both parties fully understand their rights and responsibilities during the term of their relationship. This should, in turn, ensure a productive relationship and significantly minimize future disputes.

The Model EMS Agreement is not intended to offer legal advice to local units of government. Rather, the Model EMS Agreement is intended to offer education and information that may be helpful during local EMS contract negotiations. Local units of government should always consult with competent legal counsel when negotiating and drafting such agreements. 

For questions or for more information on the Model EMS Agreement, please contact Local Government Education Program Professor of Practice – Law Bill Oemichen at 608-262-9960 or by email at woemichen@wisc.edu.