Previous LGE Programs

You can benefit from UW-Extension’s Local Government Education knowledge base by attending upcoming or previous webinars. Recorded versions of the webinar programs are also available for sale (digital audio file plus pdf). An electronic file (PDF) of the materials will be emailed with the connection information. Check the links below for pricing.

To register online look for the link in the program description.
Please remember to use an email address that comes directly to you when registering for the Local Government Education’s programs to make sure you receive all of the necessary information.

Previous Free LGE Programming

County Board Restructuring Webinar (free!)

The 2021 Census and required redistricting provide an ideal opportunity for a County Board to consider whether restructuring their board size and board committees could facilitate governing efficiency and operations. Materials from this interactive webinar provide information on the legal and practical considerations when considering a restructuring process.

Find the Restructuring Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Running for Elected Office (free!)

The How to Run for Office series covers information potential candidates will find helpful including the forms needed to run, circulating nomination papers or being nominated through the Caucus process, and the financial forms required for non-partisan candidates.

Find the Running for Office Zoom Recording and Powerpoint slides here.

Voter Registration Assistance Training (free!)

This webinar goes through the basics of registering to vote in Wisconsin, while also addressing challenges and barriers to voting throughout the state. This webinar offers resources to make the electoral process easier, and goes through the necessary steps to vote absentee in Wisconsin.

Find the Voter Registration Assistance Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Election Worker 101 Basics Course (free!)

This training is designed for municipal clerks for use in training new election inspectors on general election procedures and has been updated to include relevant information for the November 2020 Election.

Find the Election Worker Training Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Election Worker Refresher Training–Updates for the 2020 Election (free!)

This Election Inspector Refresher Training was designed to provide election workers with updates relevant to the 2020 Fall Election including information on updated Voter Registration requirements, Absentee Processing, and Health and Safety procedures.

Find the Election Worker Refresher Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Election Inspector Training (free!)

This webinar gives an in-depth overview on how to train election workers in Wisconsin.

Find the Election Inspector Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Previous LGE Programming for Purchase

Civility and Diversity ($20)

Presented by: Daniel Foth and Melinda Osterberg

Purchase the Civility and Diversity Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Clean Groundwater and Well Water in Rural and Suburban Wisconsin Communities, Parts 1 & 2 ($30)

This session outlines the public health aspects of groundwater.

Presented by: Sarah Yang, Ph.D., and Gavin Dehnert, Ph.D., Policy Postdoctoral Fellow

Purchase the Clean Groundwater Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Smart Salting to Protect Wisconsin Communities: Local Government’s Role, Parts 1 & 2 ($30)

Is your community over-salting roadways and household water? What are the hidden costs of excessive salt use to our roads, bridges, vehicles, wildlife, human health, and freshwater resources? Dive into the world of salt and explore proven solutions to breaking a historically invisible but costly addiction.

Presented By: Jim Hughes, Kelsey Shepperd, and Allison Madison

Purchase the Smart Salting Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here. 

Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Licensing, Parts 1 & 2 ($25)

Presented By: Learn about the different types of licenses, license qualifications, notice requirements, and other statutory requirements as your municipality prepares for the upcoming license renewal period.

Purchase the Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Show Me the Money – Getting Started with Grants ($25)

This interactive seminar will provide a straightforward step-by-step approach to seeking and writing Government and Private Foundation grant proposals. Our team of experts will take you through the entire grants process, from locating potential grants, preparing your grant application, and following-through once you’ve received your grant.

Presented By: League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Local Government Education program

Purchase the Getting Started with Grants Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here.

Adjusting your Allowable Levy Limit ($25)

During this session, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue staff will walk through the available adjustments to your allowable levy limit, including reporting requirements on the Levy Limit Worksheet. We will be focusing on Secs. D and E of the Levy Limit Worksheet. This session will not include exceeding the allowable levy limit via resolution or referendum.

Presented By: Valeah Foy, Deputy Division Administrator of State and Local Finance, and Andrea Newman-Wilfong, Revenue Auditor, Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Purchase the Adjusting your Allowable Levy Limit Zoom Recording and Powerpoint Slides here. 


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