Intergenerational Communication for Public Managers


Date Aug 4, 2021 08:30 AM – 03:15 PM
Location Zoom
Deadline 08/04/2021
Price $225.00
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Are you and your team speaking the same language?

Communication styles and generational differences affect how employees function and relate to one another, ultimately affecting the customer’s experience and the bottom line of your organization. Gain insight into understanding your work teams as you learn about communication style preferences and generational differences in customer interactions, manager expectations, and work ethic.

By the end of this class you should be able to:

  1. Improve employee communication by identifying and describing generational preferences
  2. Motivate employees by using generational preferences in reward and feedback
  3. Decrease unproductive team conflict by identifying strategies to address specific generational management issues
  4. Learn appropriate language to use which will resonate with each generation
  5. Spend time in the training examining case studies through understanding of the generations.

An Organizational Management or Personnel Management elective in the Certified Public Manager Program®

Instructor: Michael Leitz (DMIN, Lincoln Christian University) is a training specialist with Accent Learning and Consulting in Stoughton, WI. Michael specializes in time management, generations in the workplace, executive coaching, leadership development, and understanding team dynamics, including how to work through conflict for personal and organizational success.


“Helped me understand how to avoid stereotypes of generations and find commonalities.”

“The four questions to ask when facing a generational conflict were valuable. Liked learning the generational preferences.”

“I liked processing through examples and case studies.”