Leadership for Public Managers


Date Aug 3, 2021 08:30 AM – 03:15
Location Zoom
Deadline 08/03/2021
Price $225.00
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Develop your personal leadership philosophy

Understand how the definition of leadership has evolved over time and how knowledge, skills, and values contribute to leadership style. Explore the difference between leadership and management. You will also have an opportunity to create your own Individual Leadership Development Plan.

By the end of this class you should be able to:

  1. Define leadership
  2. Express the difference between leadership and management
  3. Explain how knowledge, skills, and values contribute to leadership style
  4. Develop your Individual Leadership Development Plan


Intros, Course Objectives, Group Agreements

Defining Leadership

Leadership vs. Management

Leadership Theory + Leadership Style

Break for Lunch

Leadership Credibility: Aligning Theories and Styles

Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)

Instructor: Lindsay Bessick (MA, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia) is an organizational development specialist with the City of Madison with more than 15 years of experience in learning and development, organizational change management, and consulting.


“This really hit home as we are looking at re-org in our section. Leadership vs. Manager. So many great takeaways and also I have lots to work on for the leadership plan. Doing the assessment is the easy part, the hard part is putting it into a plan. But I think we learned a lot of approaches and ways to think about how to do this.”

“Lindsay’s instruction style, sharing of information with incorporation of small, intimate conversation with peers was excellent for this topic.”