Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Public Sector


Workshop Name CPM: Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Public Sector
Date September 9, 2021
Location Dane County Extension, 5201 Fen Oak Dr #138, Madison, WI 53718
Deadline 06/17/2021
Price $225.00
Download the Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Public Sector flyer

Quick: On a 1-10 scale, how well is your department delivering on its customer service quality promise?

The only way to answer this question is to actually ask your customers! But, in an age where our customers are overscheduled and overworked, how should we assess their level of satisfaction with our service?

Attend the September 9h Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Public Sector to find out how to do customer assessment right!

In this virtual session, we’ll explore the “whys” and “hows” of customer assessment and identify some practical ways for you to build customer assessment into your agency’s everyday operations. Some of the topics we’ll explore during this session include:

  • Methods for capturing the voice of the customer
  • Steps for conducting a customer assessment
  • The three core methods of customer data collection
  • What questions to explore with your customers
  • Developing great questions that are simple, clear, focused, and which generate actionable information
  • Analyzing your data: telling a story based upon your results
  • The role that social media can play in customer assessment

Attend this workshop with a readiness to create a plan for customer assessment that helps drive your customer service and business decisions.

Instructor: Jeff Russell (MS, UW-Madison) is codirector of Russell Consulting, where he helps organizations successfully respond to the challenges of continuous change. He focuses on leadership development, strategic thinking, leading change, understanding and dealing with behavioral styles, and performance management.


“This class is very important because we as managers need to know what we are doing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.”

“Good mix of new material presented. And the opportunity to practice the skill. Created a good environment for class discussion – both small and large group.”