Project Management Fundamentals for Public Managers


Date Nov 16 and 17, 2021 08:30 AM – 03:15 PM both days
Location Dane County Extension, 5201 Fen Oak Dr #138, Madison, WI 53718
Deadline 11/16/2021
Price $375.00
Download the Project Management Fundamentals flyer

All the tools you need to see a successful project through 

Gain foundational knowledge and explore contemporary best practices in project management to build the personal knowledge, skills and confidence you need to effectively lead projects. Whether you’re leading your first project, struggling to get through all the projects on your to-do list, or looking for strategies to ensure project success, you will benefit from this class. 

By the end of this class you should be able to: 

  • Define project parameters in terms of quality,cost and time. 
  • Develop a methodology for gaining customer inputin order to define quality characteristics and meet customer expectations. 
  • Develop a comprehensive planning strategy which breaks down major components of a project to the lowest level of implementation detail (tree diagram and summary sheet).
  • Explain the need for and develop a prioritization procedure applicable to a selected project.
  • Define steps in a process and assign time estimates accordingly.  
  • Establish standards for quality specifications and monitoring procedures to be used during project implementation
  • Define management responsibilities throughout the life cycle of the project

Agenda for the day: 

  1. Project Overview
  2. Definition, Origin, Area/Type, Size, and Players
  3. Project (Management) Lifecycle/Process
  4. Initiation
  5. Planning
  6. Execution
  7. Monitor & Control
  8. Implement and Close.
  9. Delivery Methodologies
  10. Introduction to software tools (for/related to project mgmt.)
  11. Wrap-up
  12. Review takeaways & expectations
  13. What’s next 

Instructor: Sagar Awate (MS, Ohio State Univ.) has spent nearly a decade in project management as a consultant, employee, vendor, and contractor. He has also worked for various state agencies as well as in the private sector (consulting, insurance, finance, marketing, and sales). He is experienced in Waterfall, Iterative, and Agile methodologies. 


“I was coming at this as a complete beginner. This class helped me understand how many tools, resources, and structure exist to project management. I feel like now I have a clearer big picture of project management and understand the different moving pieces. The best takeaway for me was the importance of different teams needing to work together to get to the finish line.” 

“Sagar was very knowledgeable in project management. He was a great communicator and allowed enough time for questions. I appreciated the examples he shared from his own projects that he had completed.”