Towns in Wisconsin

“Towns are created by the Wisconsin Constitution to provide basic municipal government services, such as elections, property tax administration (towns collect taxes for counties, schools and other governments, as well as for their own budgets), road construction and maintenance, recycling, emergency medical services and fire protection. Some towns also offer law enforcement, solid waste collection, zoning and other services.”  –Town Quick Facts

An excellent introduction to the role of towns in Wisconsin can be found on the website of the Wisconsin Towns Association.

The Local Government Center offers many programs in conjunction with the Wisconsin Towns Association. In odd-numbered years, after the spring elections, Town Officials Workshops designed as orientation and continuing education for town officials are held at sites throughout the state. Recurring programs on our teleconference yearly rotation include “How to Run the Annual Town Meeting” and other programs of interest to town officials. Fall Town and Village Workshops, which offer content on levy limits and budgets, are offered every fall.

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