Civility and Diversity

Civility and Diversity

April 1, 2021

10:00 am to 11:30 am


Civility and Diversity are two essential cornerstones to effective local government. Diversity ensures that all voices are at the table and Civility provides the basis for all voices to be heard.  Together, they help local governments to make reasoned, rationale and effective decisions incorporating listening citizen and governing body member input, in a manner conducive to effective discussion.  UW Madison, Division of Extension, County Educator Melinda Osterberg, and Daniel Foth, Local Government Center will address: What is Civility? Why prevents people from being civil and how to encourage its use. What is diversity? How does diversity help get to better decisions? How does Civility and Diversity lead to Inclusive Institutions? Ending with practical methods to encourage civility and diversity, while maintaining your beliefs and values.

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