New Supervisor Training Toolkit 

Our goal is to provide this resource to municipalities or individuals to support the professional development of new supervisors and ensure they have access to leadership tools that will assist them in being successful in their new roles. The material provided within is intended to be used as a starting point for users. The user-friendly format can be customized so that an organization can use it to fully develop their own new supervisor training or to take pieces of it to supplement existing or organization-specific training materials. Individuals can use the materials as needed for their own professional development.  

The 2022 – 2024 cohort of the Certified Public Manager (CPM) program has created a New Supervisor Training Toolkit to be used by municipalities developing a new supervisor training program within their organization or by individuals who are seeking resources for professional development as a new supervisor. This was assembled with the collective knowledge and professional background of the cohort as well as topic areas covered over the course of the CPM program.

The Toolkit Topics are broken down into three main categories:

  1. Self development
  2. Team development
  3. Organizational development 

Resources are provided for each category for reference and future learning opportunities.